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How to choose the best kitchen ventilation?

The proper ventilation for a range or cook top will depend on the unit's BTU output. For every 100 BTUs, we recommend 1 CFM of ventilation. Therefore, a gas range with 45000 BTU requires about 450CFM of ventilation. This way the ventilation system can provide proper ventilation proportionate to the output of the heat source even when all burners are on at the same time on the highest setting.

The only exception to this equation is electric ranges or elements. Electric ranges, elements, and induction ranges require less CFM than a gas operated stove top or range. Therefore a ventilation system capable of 200 ~ 450 CFM should be more than adequate for a 4 burner electric range.

How often should the charcoal range hood filters be replaced?

Depending on the frequency and type of cooking that is performed, charcoal filters should be changed every three (3) to six (6) months. The aluminium filter(s) should be washed once a week or twice a month minimum, depending on the amount of cooking that is done.

Should I go for ducted exhaust or recirculating?

We offer both ducted and recirculating blowers which can be used in either a vented or recirculated system. A vented unit extracts the air above the stove top and transfers it outside the home. This is the surest way to eliminate the oil-laden air and smoke produced while cooking. However, recirculating kits can be used if outside venting is not an option. Charcoal filters are required for any recirculating ventilation installation.

Should I use flexible ducting or rigid ducting?

Rigid ducting is always the preferred ducting solution. Because flexible ducting creates back-pressure, increases noise and vibration, and reduces performance. However, there is a third type of ducting that is rigid-flex, which combines the precision of rigid ducting with the flexibility of flexible ducting. And it is the recommended ducting solution when rigid ducting is not an option.

May I reduce the duct size?

Reducing the duct size will hamper the performance of your ventilation system, while increasing noise and vibration. And we do not recommend reducing the duct size throughout your ventilation system.

How far can I run my ducting?

Air-Pro™ ventilators have enough power to exhaust over 100 feet of ducting. However, it will depend on how your duct work is structured. Straighter ducting will have less resistance than one with turns and bends.

Where can I find replacement light bulbs?

All light bulbs can be found at your local home centers, hardware stores, or lighting retail stores. Please refer to the accessories section to find out proper lighting specifications of your Air-Pro™ product.

How long is the warranty period?

We offer a 3-year limited warranty that provides added assurance and peace of mind that other brands don't. Every Air-Pro™ blower unit is built to strict and exact specifications to give you the very best quality of service for years to come.

What is UL® and C-UL® Certification?

It is an standardized, international, third-party testing benchmark where select models undergo stringent inspection and testing to accurately correlate specific requirements, such as advertised specifications. All Air-Pro™ kitchen ventilation units are UL® and C-UL® certified.

How to convert rectangular ducting to circular ducting?

7" Ø circular = 3 1/4" x 14"

8" Ø circular = 4" x 14"

The blower unit is making odd noises, what could it be?

To diagnose any noise related malfunction, first make sure that the back draft damper and exterior damper are both open and free of obstruction. NOTE: Do not use long duct screws to attach the house duct work to the back draft damper.

Second, does the blower wheel come in contact with the blower housing?

Third, does the blower wheel appear "out of round" or "out of center" when running?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you will need to contact our service division at 1.888.547.9880

What are your standard color options?

We offer White, Black, Biscuit, Silver Metallic, and clear powder coated brushed stainless steel. Custom color options are also available should your inner designer feel particularly inspired.

What choices of filters do I have for my blower unit?

The Air-Pro™ series all come with highly effective performance aluminium filters and are dishwasher safe. However, if a stainless steel baffle filter is desired, they are available as an option on higher CFM models.

What are your delivery time frames?

Custom liners are available in 30 days from ordering date.

Wood hoods are available within 5 ~ 7 days.

Custom wood hoods are available within 30 days or shorter.

Custom copper hoods are available in 4 ~ 5 weeks from ordering date.

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